Meet the TEam

[fram·il·ee] - noun

A group of family members and close friends
dear enough to be considered family.

Cindy Waddle - Founder & CEO

My name is Cindy Waddle, Founder and CEO of Dezire to Inspire (D2I). I have been married to my spouse, Randy, for 43 years and we reside in Colorado. Randy spent 24 years of our marriage in the military, so we traveled the world together. We have one amazing son, Brandon, who has blessed us beyond measure. I spent 38 years working for the Federal government as a Human Resources (H.R.) Specialist and Manager, most of those years served with the Department of Defense. Later in my career I spent four years managing a H.R. branch within the Department of the Interior before moving to the U.S. Mint at Denver where I served as the H.R. Manager for four years. On numerous occasions I had management oversight of three U.S. Mint H.R. offices simultaneously. One of my proudest accomplishments during my phenomenal career was rising to the rank of GS-14 (one from the top) without a college degree. I retired so that I could make my twelve-year dream of this company come true. My vision for this company is to help you shine a light on the happiest moments in life or show empathy for the most challenging times in life. Our goal is to help you create an unforgettable experience for a chosen friend or family member. Welcome to Dezire to Inspire.

Carl Merrell - Co-Owner & President

My name is W. Carl Merrell, President and Co-Owner of D2I. I have been married to my spouse, Teresa, for 49 years. Teresa and I reside in Florida, our native sunshine state. We have four children, 11 grandchildren and five great grandchildren that bring much joy and happiness to our family. I graduated from Florida State University (FSU) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Communications. While attending FSU’s ROTC program I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army as a Signal Corps Officer. The military provided me the training, education, experience, and opportunity to serve in many positions of leadership and management across many disciplines: including Company Command, and various Staff Level Positions in operations. I retired from the military after 20 years at the rank of Major. I am currently an entrepreneur, a small business owner, Chief of Staff of a Charter School, and previous Program Director for the About Face Program, a nationally recognized youth program. I share Cindy’s vision for Dezire to Inspire of employing positive words of encouragement to improve the wellness and quality of life for others. It is an honor to be a part of this company.

Sean Collins - Marketing Director

I grew up in a small Kansas town with great people to admire, and spare time to think. After leaving town to go on adventures (and college) I came back to make a life. Now I dabble with drums and videography, run a small marketing firm, volunteer for music education, and I’m freshly married with two little ones. I received my bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Kansas University.  I jumped at the opportunity to work with my “framily” at D2I so that I could make a difference in the hearts of people beyond my circle. I hope that what we do makes life better for as many people as possible.

Becky Wilemon - Creative Design Director

 I have been married to my spouse, Jimmy, for 45 years.  Jimmy was in the military, so we were fortunate to see many places while traveling with our three children.  We now reside in Alabama and spend a lot of time spoiling our 14 amazing grandchildren.  For 14 years I worked for the Federal government performing administrative and financial duties.  I then spent ten years working at Honda before starting my own business where I managed 17 employees.  I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.   I am now semi-retired and so excited to be filling my days working for this amazing company.  I am blessed to be employed by a company whose purpose is to positively change the lives of others through inspiration.  Thank you D2I for allowing me to be part of this exciting adventure.

Brandon Waddle - Director of Logistics/Operations

I live in Colorado and am an only child.  One of my greatest passions in life is positively impacting the lives of those I’m lucky enough to cross paths with.  From holding the door for a stranger, to hand-writing a birthday card for a loved one on their special day, I find that it’s usually the smallest acts of kindness that leave the biggest impact.  Being part of the D2I team is a dream come true, and helps fulfill my passion of imparting love, kindness, courage, and joy into the world.  Beyond my passion for people, I am also inspired by my love for listening to and performing music, and for my dogs – Luna and Kuba.  They open my heart and help me keep perspective on the things that are most important in life.  Professionally, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Colorado University.  I have more than 20 years of experience in operations, client services, as well as project management in the service, software, and fulfillment industries.  This blended skill set has been extremely beneficial in helping my mother realize her dream – D2I – alongside my “framily” (friends and family)!

Shannon Collins - Director of Sales

I was born and raised in Garden City, Kansas.  I have one brother, Sean, who blessed me with a beautiful sister-in-law and two amazing nieces.  When my Aunt Cindy asked me to be the Sales Director for D2I, I was not only humbled but excited to be a part of a company that has the potential to make a difference in so many lives.  I have been in sales my entire working life, both business to business and business to customer, so I feel right at home with D2I.  I was part owner of three business for several years and have a wealth of experience in management oversight.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management with a minor in Business Administration from Kansas State University.  As a salesperson, I’ve always had the mindset that you can’t sell something you don’t believe in, however, I wholeheartedly believe in D2I and love it so much I don’t even consider it selling.

Paul Porter - Consultant

I have been married to my wife, Celeste, for 33 years and we reside in Kansas.  I have six kids, all of them all grown and (almost) out on their own. I have one grandchild who is the source of much delight for his grandparents. I have been a software developer for over 30 years. I have worked in a variety of industries including hospital electronic records, professional photographic lab automation, 3D CAD, and pharmacy automation. I am excited to be part of Dezire to Inspire and be personally involved with a company bringing a positive light into people’s lives. 

Sharon Bowman - Creative Design Team

I was born and raised near Binghamton NY. I have one son and four grandsons. I enlisted in the Air Force and served for 20 years on active duty.  After retiring I started a second career with the Air Force as a Federal civil service employee in the HR field where I served as a HR manager.  I subsequently retired from that position and now spend my time volunteering at my church and a local pet hospital. I love God, my family, my friends, and helping people and animals.  I am so blessed to be able to share my time and talents doing so.  When Cindy initially described her vision for this venture, my heart was filled with awe and gratitude of her. I am truly honored that she asked me to be part of this “framily” and cannot wait to watch this company make people happy, one day at a time.

Louise McDowell - Creative Design Team

I have always lived in Alabama.  I have three siblings, three children, nine grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.  I love spoiling all my babies.  I attend Mt. Pleasant Baptist church, the church my daddy grew up in and where my granddaddy served as pastor.  I spent most of my adult life working in manufacturing plants, but for the past 15 years I owned and managed a house cleaning business.  I am now retired, loving life, and so excited to have the opportunity to work for this amazing company.  I think this company can make a difference in the lives of people across the globe.